Politics, Religion, SJW, Sociology

Bad religion

I find it useful to think of political ideologies as religions. Socially and psychologically, they fill much the same function. They have a set of basic theses you need to believe in; they provide a sense of understanding (genuine or false) of how the world works; they provide a moral framework; they provide something for people to gather around and feel like a community; they have mechanisms for preserving and propagating themselves, such as proselytising, or punishments for apostates.

SJW also works like a religion, but it’s a bad religion. It’s only good for making people feel unjustly treated, morally indignated, angry, and rally them for the ideological fight. It doesn’t provide any hope, redemption or release. People who believe in it only build up their anger and sense of indignation, and feel more and more bitter and hopeless.

There are religions with a God, but no Devil. SJW is a religion with a Devil, but no God.

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